I believe that the single biggest issue facing our children is climate change. While many dispute that humans have accelerated climate change, I follow the scientific evidence that concluded humans have accelerated climate change. For example, NASA has a compelling statement on the acceleration of climate change.

Although Monte Sereno is a fly speck in contributing to climate change, our community can demonstrate leadership in doing what we can to acknowledge causes of climate change and take positive actions to address climate change.

In August 2019, I arranged for members on Monte Sereno's Youth Commission to learn about Silicon Valley Clean Energy, with the intent that our Youth Commission would educate their friends, siblings and parents on reducing the demand for fossil fuels.

As part of my volunteer efforts as Monte Sereno's representative with Silicon Valley Clean Energy, I worked with the former Building Official, Rob Queirolo, to develop "Reach Codes" tailored for Monte Sereno. This included a city-wide survey on electricity and renovation/construction.  Some may recall the City Council meeting on November 5, 2019 where Mr. Queirolo presented his staff report on Reach Codes to City Council. This meeting included Ed Turner interrupting a citizen addressing City Council in that meeting (at 1:17:30 of the meeting video), which was chaired by his wife, Mayor Rowena Turner. City Council voted 3-2 to pursue Reach Codes with Javed Ellahie, Liz Lawler, and Shawn Leuthold voting Aye and Mayor Turner and Labouve voting No.

The City Council voted 3-2 to adopt the Reach Codes at its November 19, 2019 meeting. Mayor Rowena Turner and former Council Member Labouve* cast the two dissenting votes.

Clearly, they are not interested in addressing climate change, let alone becoming local leaders of this critical 21st century issue.

*Although Mr. Labouve’s name is on the Nov. 3 ballot, he resigned his appointment to City Council on Sept 1, 2020 and his house is for sale. Even if he’s elected, Mr. Labouve would not be able to serve if he moves out of the city.