Monte Sereno's reputation has declined over the years, with negative coverage relating to fences, scandals, ousting our mayor, etc.

Our community needs positive media coverage to regain our stature in the Silicon Valley. Positive media coverage will make Monte Sereno a more desirable place to live, which will raise property values for everyone. I have, and will continue, to work on positive media coverage for Monte Sereno.

For example, I sought coverage on the 16 Eichler homes that were built on Via Sereno in 1969-70. This included coordinating interviews and photo shoots with my neighbors on Via Sereno.  CA Modern magazine, a print edition that goes to all Eichler homeowners in California, did a cover story on Via Sereno, entitled Sweet Sixteen in their Winter 2019 edition.  The author, Dave Weinstein, did a teaser blog posting, Life Can Seem Serene at Monte Sereno, before the print edition came out.  Please click on the images below.

Also, I promoted all-electric homes through Silicon Valley Clean Energy.  To do so, we allowed SVCE to profile our residence on their web site.  SVCE identified thirteen all-electric homes in their service territory to profile. We were proud to have our home selected to illustrate an all-electric home in Monte Sereno.